Question: Can Sudden Hearing Loss Be Restored?

Sudden Hearing Loss: Usually Reversible

This happens when you lose all or part of your hearing all at once or over several days.

About half of people with the condition regain their hearing on their own.

It usually gets better in a week or two.

It can be treated with corticosteroid pills or shots.

How long does it take to recover from sudden hearing loss?

Recovery. Spontaneous recovery occurs in 32-79% of the cases, usually within the first two weeks. The chances of full hearing recovery are smaller for patients with severe loss of hearing and when the sudden sensorineural hearing loss is accompanied by vertigo.

Can Sudden Hearing Loss come back?

Causes of Sudden Hearing Loss

Blockage may occur, but hearing usually returns after the infection resolves. Hearing usually returns after the infection goes away, but untreated middle-ear infections can cause damage that leads to permanent hearing loss. Most infections resolve on their own, but antibiotics can help.

What would cause sudden loss of hearing?

However, there are many theoretical causes for sudden hearing loss which include infectious, circulatory, inner ear problems like Meniere’s disease, neoplastic, traumatic, metabolic, neurologic, immunologic and toxicity. Trauma, such as a head injury. Autoimmune diseases. Ototoxic drugs (drugs that damage the inner ear

How do you treat sudden hearing loss?

In most cases, doctors prescribe steroids (cortisone) which are taken orally over the course of one to two weeks, as this is the most beneficial treatment for sudden hearing loss. Studies show that patients who begin this treatment within two to four weeks after the onset of the loss have the best chance of recovery.