Question: Does Hearing Loss Go Away?

Head trauma or injury

Nerve cell damage can lead to hearing loss, as well as tinnitus.

The hearing loss typically goes away within a few months in these cases.

However, if the trauma is severe enough to damage the inner ear, the sudden hearing loss may actually become a long-term, permanent hearing loss.

Is hearing loss permanent?

While hearing typically returns to normal in a few hours, see your doctor if the symptoms persist. Prolonged exposure to excessive noise is the most common form of sensorineural hearing loss, which is permanent.

How long does temporary hearing loss last?

Sometimes exposure to impulse or continuous loud noise causes a temporary hearing loss that disappears 16 to 48 hours later. Recent research suggests, however, that although the loss of hearing seems to disappear, there may be residual long-term damage to your hearing.

Can your hearing repair itself?

Once damaged, your auditory nerve and cilia cannot be repaired. But, depending on the severity of the damage, sensorineural hearing loss has been successfully treated with hearing aids or cochlear implants. There is, however, the possibility that your hearing loss isn’t reversible.

What happens when you lose your hearing?

Types of Hearing Loss

An ear infection, trauma, a tumor, or fluid or an object in the ear (such as wax buildup) can cause it. Sensorineural hearing loss happens most often from damage to the hair cells in the inner ear. Other causes include damage to the nerve for hearing, called the auditory nerve, or the brain.