Does The Shark Die In The Meg?

Post-credit scenes have become the norm in modern blockbusters but ‘The Meg’ bucks the trend and lets the movie end when the credits roll.

Instead of having to sit around for an extra five minutes for a 30-second clip, viewers can head out as soon as the credits appear, as The Meg does not have a post-credits scene.

Who dies in the MEG list?

Deaths on The Meg

Body Count Victim Killer
3 The wall The Meg the Megalodon
4-6 Dr Heller, Winston Chao, Jack Morris The Meg the Megalodon
7 Smaller Megladon Suyin
8-16 3 Boats were Destroyed The Meg the Megalodon

5 more rows

Is there anything at the end of the Meg?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. There is not a post-credits scene in The Meg. There has, however, been talks about a potential sequel. Statham, who plays the heroic diver Jonas Taylor, spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the possibility of a second shark adventure.

Who killed the Megalodon?

A new study suggests that a tsunami of cosmic energy from a supernova killed off large ocean animals – including the huge megalodon shark – 2.6 million years ago. A shower of particles may have spelled curtains for the megalodon, a school-bus-sized shark, 2.6 million years ago. Image via Wikipedia/University of Kansas.

Did Rainn Wilson die in the Meg?

Rainn Wilson’s weird near-death experience removed fear of ‘The Meg’ shark attack. Rainn Wilson battles a terrifying, prehistoric shark in “The Meg.” So he’s not afraid to die by shark attack. “Being eaten by a shark would be a good way to go,” says Wilson dryly.