How Do You Deal With Hearing Voices?

Understand your voices. Take control. Talk to other people who hear voices.

Take control

  • Ignore the voices, block them out or distract yourself.
  • Give them times when you agree to pay attention to them and times when you will not.
  • Tell them that you would like to wait before you do what they say.
  • Stand up to them.

What causes someone to hear voices?

Causes. Until recently voices were regarded as a symptom of a mental illness and not talked about because of fear of stigma. Hearing voices is still considered by psychiatry as an auditory hallucination and as a symptom of conditions such as schizophrenic disorders, manic depression and psychosis.

Do voices ever go away?

It may take four to six weeks to receive the full benefit of the medication. Many patients describe the voices as having stopped or being “muted” after several weeks; however, it is possible to continue to hear voices after an adequate trial with your medication.

Can you hear voices with autism?

It is important to note that there can also be other reasons linked to ASD as to why a young person might appear to hear voices: Many young people with autism can hear, feel and smell more acutely than other people (sensory sensitivity), and so may report hearing things that others around them cannot.

What is it like to hear voices?

People with schizophrenia often have a hard time explaining what it’s like to hear voices. Voices aren’t always voices, either. They can sound more like a murmur, a rustle or a beeping. But when a voice is a recognizable voice, more than often, it’s not very nice.