Quick Answer: How Do You Treat Loss Of Smell?

Treatments that may help resolve anosmia caused by nasal irritation include:

  • decongestants.
  • antihistamines.
  • steroid nasal sprays.
  • antibiotics, for bacterial infections.
  • reducing exposure to nasal irritants and allergens.
  • cessation of smoking.

Can anything be done for loss of smell?

Loss of smell can sometimes be treated, depending on the cause. Your doctor can give you an antibiotic to treat a bacterial infection, or remove obstructions that are blocking your nasal passage.

What causes loss of smell and taste?

Loss of smell and taste may result from polyps in the nasal or sinus cavities, hormonal disturbances, or dental problems. They can also be caused by prolonged exposure to certain chemicals such as insecticides, and by some medicines. It impairs the ability to identify odors and diminishes the sense of taste.

What happens if you lose sense of smell?

Losing your sense of smell, known as anosmia, impacts not only your ability to detect odors, but also other areas of your life. Many individuals report a decreased quality of life with both temporary and permanent anosmia. When you can’t smell or taste your food, your appetite is likely to wane.