Is KYLO In Love With Rey?

Why does Rey have yellow lightsaber?

Because Rey exhausted her energy in killing Palpatine, and because Ben used the last of his energy in reviving Rey, she’s left on her own with two Skywalker lightsabers.

As she ignites the lightsaber, you’ll notice a golden yellow color to the blade..

If you look into material beyond the films, Rey and Ben are could be some variety of cousins. … So, then they’re cousins, even if the Force removes them once or twice. Or perhaps this makes Rey actually Ben Solo’s great-aunt, which means this is just exactly like Game of Thrones.

How old are KYLO and Rey?

Rey is 19 and Kylo Ren is 29. Kylo Ren was born shortly after a year of Endor and the visual guide for TFA states Rey at 19.

What is KYLO Ren’s relationship to Rey?

It’s revealed in The Rise of Skywalker that Kylo Ren isn’t the only powerful Force-wielder with an equally powerful parentage: Rey, formerly the child of no one according to The Last Jedi, has been revealed to be the grandchild of none other than Sheev Palpatine, the Emperor and resurrected leader of the Sith. Yep.

Is KYLO more powerful than Rey?

The two duel on the ruins of the Second Death Star and its pretty clear that Kylo is the more powerful of the two. Rey is soundly defeated by Kylo who appears to be significantly more powerful than Rey.

Why are Ben and Rey connected?

This “significant” connection between Rey and Ben is something that makes them and their power greater than the sum of their parts. Through their connection in the Force, they’re able to do things above and beyond what other Force users might manage.

Who is stronger Rey or Anakin?

9 ANAKIN – More Powerful Although Rey is also strong with force, she doesn’t compare to Anakin’s pure strength with the force and his connection, being created by the Force itself. Even in the movies, comics, and shows we see Anakin accomplish greater feats of strength that Rey was years away from learning.

What color is Leia’s lightsaber?

blueLeia’s lightsaber was a blue-bladed lightsaber used by Padawan Leia Organa during her training under her brother Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker.

Does Rey love Ben solo?

It’s not until Kylo faces Rey on the downed Death Star in The Rise of Skywalker and takes a stab wound from her that he sees his way clear to allowing Kylo Ren to die. By allowing Ben Solo to rise, the Kylo Ren-Rey love story takes on a new wrinkle. After all, Rey does love Ben Solo.

Why are Rey and KYLO a dyad?

A unique bond existed between Rey and Kylo Ren, making them a dyad in the Force. A dyad in the Force was a phenomenon that occurred when two Force-sensitive beings shared a unique Force-bond with each other, connecting their minds across space and time.

Why does KYLO carry Rey?

Because he just discovered she’s seen the map fragment he wants and figures rather than keep looking for the droid, he can just get it from her memory. And he carries her because carrying an unconscious prisoner is easier than dragging and restraining a struggling fully-awake one.

Does Finn end up with Rey?

J.J. Boyega recently shared on his Twitter account that Jannah “stole Finn’s heart after Star Wars 9.” Finn, of course, didn’t end up with Rey, Rose, Poe, or Jannah by the end of the epic Star Wars saga.

Can Anakin beat Rey?

Anakin Skywalker would easily beat Rey. Anakin has had over decades of force training, while Rey only at one single moment was able to force tap. Anakin’s lightsaber form is more smooth, well composed, and very powerful. However, Rey’s form is not smooth and/or powerfully composed.

What did Finn never tell Rey?

Abrams and Chris Terrio, never reveals what Finn planed to say to Rey, although it does have Poe (Oscar Isaac) nag Finn several times throughout the film about his intended message. It appears that Finn wanted to tell Rey he loved her just as they were dying, but that’s not the case according to Abrams or Boyega.

Is Rey a GREY Jedi?

Rey is not even a Jedi, less alone a Grey Jedi. A Jedi uses only the Light Side of the Force. Rey only in The Last Jedi did she learned what the Force even was.

Why did KYLO Ren and Rey kiss?

After Kylo used his powers to channel his own life force into Rey, bringing her back from the dead, they shared a kiss before he died, vanishing to become one with the Force like his mother and uncle before him. … A kiss of gratitude, acknowledgement of their connection, celebration that they’d found each other at last.

Is Rey attracted to KYLO?

Kylo Ren is attracted to Rey. He explores who she is through their Force connection. He determines they’re not related in any way, so it’s totally safe to date. … Like Luke did with Vader, she feels the good in Kylo.

Who is Rey’s love interest?

She is one of the three protagonists (alongside Anakin and Luke Skywalker) of the Skywalker Saga, serving as the protagonist of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. She is the love interest of Ben Solo / Kylo Ren, who is the central antagonist later turned into the deuteragonist of the sequel trilogy.

Is KYLO stronger than Vader?

While Vader was certainly powerful with the Force, Kylo Ren is arguably even stronger, being able to freeze people in their tracks without even needing to focus on them. … Though Kylo Ren may not be as proficient with a lightsaber as Vader, with enough training, he could overpower his grandfather.

Why did Rey call herself Skywalker?

Although Solo was the last of the Skywalker bloodline, Rey assumed the name “Skywalker” to honor their memory, repudiating her own heritage as a Palpatine.