Question: Is Larry Ellison Married?





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Larry Ellison

American businessman

How old is Larry Ellison?

75 years (August 17, 1944)

What religion is Larry Ellison?

Although Ellison was raised in a Reform Jewish home by his adoptive parents, who attended synagogue regularly, he remained a religious skeptic. Ellison states: “While I think I am religious in one sense, the particular dogmas of Judaism are not dogmas I subscribe to.

Who is Larry Ellison’s daughter?

Megan Ellison

Does Larry Ellison have a degree?

Larry Ellison enrolled at the University of Chicago to pursue a degree in physics and mathematics. However, he lost his interest in the education and dropped out of university after one semester.

Who is Larry Ellison’s girlfriend?

Nikita Kahn (Larry Ellison’s Girlfriend) Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More. Iryna Osipova alias Nikita Kahn is an actress, model, entrepreneur, and animal advocate.

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