Quick Answer: How Do I Fix YouTube Not Working?

How do I unblock YouTube?

How to Unblock YouTubeWhy is the YouTube video blocked.

The video might be blocked because of any of the two reasons: …

How to Unblock YouTube: Use a VPN.

The simplest way to unblock YouTube is by using a VPN.

Use Tor.

Tor hops your data over a number of relay nodes, so your original IP is hidden.

Use a Proxy.

Download the video..

How do I update YouTube on my computer?

Update the YouTube appOpen the Google Play Store app .Tap Menu. My apps & games.Apps with an update available are labeled “Update.”Tap Update All to update all apps. For individual apps, find the specific app you want to update and tap Update.

How do I fix YouTube on my computer?

How do I fix YouTube not working?Update Chrome.Update Video Drivers.Check Internet Connection.Turn off Hardware Acceleration and Turn on JavaScript in Chrome.Disable Extensions.Clear Cache and Cookies.Uninstall and Reinstall Chrome.

Why is my YouTube not working on Chrome?

The hardware acceleration feature in Chrome can sometimes prevent videos from playing. Clear the Chrome cache and cookies. Clearing the cache and cookies gets rid of corrupted data that can prevent YouTube from working in Chrome. Use Incognito mode.

Why is my YouTube not installing?

If you cannot update your app, it’s most likely that your version of Android OS no longer supports the newer version of the YouTube app. To make sure you have access to the latest Android YouTube app, update to the latest Android OS.

Why any app is not downloading from Play Store?

If you still can’t download after you clear the cache & data of the Play Store, restart your device. Press and hold the Power button until the menu pops up. Tap Power off or Restart if that is an option. If needed, press and hold the Power button until your device turns on again.

Why is You Tube not working?

Open the settings menu on your device, tap on “Apps”, and select YouTube. The next step is to choose “Storage”, which will bring up two options: Clear data and Clear cache. Clear the cache first and check if YouTube now works as it should. If it doesn’t, go back and clear data as well to see if that solves the problem.

Why I Cannot install apps in Play store?

With problems downloading and installing the application, you must clear the cache and data of the Play Store app. If that does not work, uninstall the updates. If it still does not work, turn off your SD card by going to Settings> Memory / Storage). Return to the Play Store and try to install the app.

How can I update my Android device?

Updating your Android.Make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi.Open Settings.Select About Phone.Tap Check for Updates. If an update is available, an Update button will appear. Tap it.Install. Depending on the OS, you’ll see Install Now, Reboot and install, or Install System Software. Tap it.

What will happen to YouTube in 2020?

By January 2020, any channels creating child-focused content such as nursery rhymes, learning games, slime stuff, gaming walkthroughs, dress-up and a thousand other topics must very clearly label any videos as being aimed at kids. The ability to enable comments and notifications will also be removed.

Is YouTube going to die?

There’s almost no possibility for YouTube to die. YouTube is owned by one of the biggest companies in the world and hosts the most employees in the world if you keep the YouTubers in mind. There are millions and millions of people using YouTube on a daily base.

How do I fix YouTube not loading?

What to Do When YouTube Won’t Play on Android and iPhoneConnect your device to a different wireless network and check YouTube.Clear the YouTube app cache. … Try to view the video using a mobile web browser instead of the YouTube app.Restart your device.Remove the YouTube app from your device and reinstall it.

Why is YouTube not working on my computer 2020?

Inspect Extensions If YouTube is not working on your computer, there is a high chance that some Chrome extensions are blocking the access. … To remove such extensions, paste chrome://extensions/ in the URL bar and hit enter. Here, go through all the extensions and uninstall the ones you have no idea about.

How do I reset YouTube TV?

Take out the power cable of each device. Now press and hold the power button of each device for around 4 seconds so all the energy is drained. Now, wait 2-3 minutes before plugging everything back in. Now start your computer again and launch the YouTube TV application.

What is the best settings for YouTube video?

Like most online resources, YouTube recommends using the H. 264 video codec for best results….Also, here is a list of recommended bitrates for YouTube uploads:360p: 1 Mbps.480p: 2.5 Mbps.720p: 5 Mbps.1080p: 8 Mbps.1440p (2k): 16 Mbps.2160p (4k): 35-45 Mbps.