Question: What Did Sam Winchester Go To College For?

At the start of the series, 22-year-old Sam is seen as a senior at Stanford, applying for law school.

Sam also has a girlfriend, Jessica, with whom he lives and secretly plans to marry.

One night, Dean comes to Sam’s apartment seeking his help after their father John goes missing.

What was Sam Winchester studying in college?

10 His time at college

This entry is fairly simple: Sam’s time at college doesn’t make sense. Sam is studying for a law degree in the pilot episode of Supernatural, and he’s looking at law schools while he’s enrolled at Stanford.

Where did Sam Winchester go to university?

He attended prestigious Stanford University on a full scholarship and lived with a girlfriend, Jessica, in an apartment near campus. Then one autumn night in Sam’s senior year, Dean appeared, bearing the news that their father had gone missing while on a “hunting trip.”

Is Sam possessed in season 6?

In season 12, he took part in defeating the British Men of Letters. Soulless Sam served as the secondary antagonist of season 6. His soul spent a year and a half in Hell which is about 180 years.

Why is Sam so special in supernatural?

Special Child Abilities Edit

Sam is able to sense supernatural presences in the old Winchester family home and was able to sense Dean’s spirit during a time of great stress. Demon Detection – Under severe craving for demon blood due to Famine’s power, Sam could detect demons within a short proximity.