Question: What Does A Normal Hearing Test Look Like?

What is a normal hearing test result?

The lowest frequency tested is usually 250 Hertz (Hz), and the highest is usually 8000 Hz.

Zero decibels actually represents the softest level of sound that the average person with normal hearing will hear, for any given frequency.

What is a normal hearing range?

While 20 to 20,000Hz forms the absolute borders of the human hearing range, our hearing is most sensitive in the 2000 – 5000 Hz frequency range. As far as loudness is concerned, humans can typically hear starting at 0 dB.

How do you read an audiogram results?



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How is a hearing test done?

A hearing test is performed in a sound proof room. You will wear headphones or earplugs connected to a device that sends sounds of different volumes and pitches to one ear at a time. You will be asked to respond by raising your hand or pressing a button each time you hear a sound.