What Is An Avoidance Symptom?

The symptoms of hyperarousal include:

  • sleeping problems.
  • difficulties concentrating.
  • irritability.
  • anger and angry outbursts.
  • panic.
  • constant anxiety.
  • easily scared or startled.
  • self-destructive behavior (such as fast driving or drinking too much)

What are arousal symptoms?

Arousal and Reactivity Symptoms

  1. Jumpiness, exaggerated startle response, hypervigilance.
  2. Sleep disturbance.
  3. Irritability and/or aggressive behavior.
  4. Problems with concentration.
  5. Reckless or self-destructive behaviors.

Is avoidance an emotion?

Avoidance refers to any action designed to prevent the occurrence of an uncomfortable emotion such as fear, sadness, or shame. For example, a person may try to avoid difficult emotions through the use of substances or dissociation.

What is social avoidance?

True avoidance behaviors involve the complete avoidance of the feared social situation. For example, someone afraid of public speaking might: Drop a class in which he has to give a speech. Change jobs to avoid giving presentations.

What is psychological avoidance?

“Avoidance coping refers to choosing your behavior based on trying to avoid or escape particular thoughts or feelings,” explains Psychology Today. People can engage in avoidance behavior in two primary ways.