Quick Answer: What Is An Example Of A Sensitive Period Of Development?

An example of a sensitive period occurs in vision development.

Infants are born with the basic ability to see (unless their vision is impaired by prenatal damage or genetic defects), but a newborn’s vision is not as good as the vision of an 8-month-old.

What is a sensitive period in development?

The phrase ‘sensitive periods in human development’ may sound like it refers to moody teenagers, but it actually refers to periods of time when a child easily absorbs information in a specific way. The most important sensitive periods occur between birth and age six.

Why is it important to know when a sensitive period in development occurs?

Sensitive periods open a window of opportunity where experiences have a greater impact on certain areas of brain development. During sensitive periods, the brain is most likely to strengthen important connections and eliminate unneeded ones in a specific part of the brain.

What are the critical and sensitive period of development?

A critical or sensitive period is defined as a period when certain experiences are particularly important because they have a significant influence on later development.

What is the sensitive period in psychology?

Sensitive periods are developmental windows of opportunity during which the child can learn specific concepts more easily and naturally than at any other time in their lives. A child in the midst of a sensitive period will show an especially strong interest or inclination toward certain activities or lessons.