What Is The Process Of Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation refers to a process where a substance moves from a solid to a gas state without ever being in a liquid state.

Sublimation printing normally involves the use of a digital printer to produce mirrored images on paper that has been specially coated with a transfer material.

Can sublimation printing be done on cotton?

You cannot do sublimation on 100% cotton. Sublimation must be done on 100% polyester for the best results. You can use ChromaBlast ink on 100% cotton shirts. It is not exactly the same process as sublimation, but it is very similar, and can be done with special transfer paper and a heat press.25 Jan 2010

What do I need for sublimation printing?

In order to get started you’ll need the following items: a designated sublimation printer, Sawgrass sublimation ink, sublimation paper, sublimation blanks and a heat press appropriate for the sublimation blank you are working with.

How much does sublimation printing cost?

Depending on your desired maximum image size, a compatible desktop inkjet printer and sublimation inks run from about $600 for 8.5×14-inch to about $1,600 for 13×19-inch. High quality heat presses typically range from $1,000 to $1,500. Imaging costs are extremely low at well under $0.01 per square inch of coverage.1 Nov 2013

Can I use a regular printer for sublimation?

Yes, but it is subject to the compatibility of print head to sublimation ink. If you are using a normal inkjet printer for sublimation printing, you can print sublimation paper with sublimation ink. Piezo head supports to sublimation printing such as Epson L805, L130 series printer can be used.4 Nov 2017

What fabric is used for sublimation printing?

the only suitable fabric for dye sublimation is 100% polyester, nylon, lycra. spandex (elastane). General rule of thumb is the man-made materials. The material absorbs the ink through a gas transfer process under pressure and heat.

Can sublimation print white?

With CMYK printing (which is what sublimation uses), there is no combination of base color inks that can produce the color white. Thus, white is considered the best apparel color for sublimation, but you can print on light-colored garments, provided you don’t need the color white within the image.18 Apr 2016

What shirts are best for sublimation printing?

Sublimation will turn out best with only 100% polyester shirts. Cotton shirts should be completed with heat transfer paper. Imprint 65/35 and 50/50 shirts with bright colors.

How do I do a sublimation transfer?

Application Instructions

  • Set temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Set timer to 60 seconds.
  • Set Pressure at medium.
  • Print a mirror image onto Texprint Paper.
  • Place the substrate face down on the transfer paper and tape the paper to the substrate using transfer release tape.
  • Put a blank sheet of paper on heat press platen to keep it clean.

Can you use sublimation ink in a HP printer?

After some searching online, I found that sublimation ink is only to be used for Epson printers, not HP. But you can use HP iron-on transfers to print to fabrics and bags. Ideally, the inkjet printers should be able to do this, hence you can use your Officejet to perform this operation.12 May 2017

How much does it cost to sublimate a mug?

A basic rule of thumb is to mark up the product at least three times over your cost of goods and labor. Let’s take the example of a sublimated ceramic mug. Your blank good cost average is $1.75. A 3” x 3” image costs 35 cents to produce including ink and paper.2 Dec 2009

What is the difference between heat transfer and sublimation?

The primary difference between the two applications is that only the ink transfers with sublimation, while with heat transfer papers there is usually a transfer layer that is also transferred over as well.21 Mar 2018