Question: Who Is Jared Padalecki’s Wife?

Genevieve Cortese m.


Is Jared from supernatural married?

Genevieve Cortese

m. 2010

When did Jared Padalecki get married?

February 27, 2010 (Genevieve Cortese)

How did Jared and Genevieve meet?

Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese met back in 2008 when she took on a guest role as Ruby in season 4 of Supernatural. They enjoyed a whirlwind romance over the next year until they got engaged, and married a few months later.

What are Jared Padalecki’s kids names?

Odette Elliott Padalecki

Austin Shepherd Padalecki

Thomas Colton Padalecki

Who is Jared from supernatural married to?

Genevieve Cortese

m. 2010

Why is Jared Padalecki’s arm in a sling?

Fun fact: the reason Sam is wearing a sling around his arm all of a sudden is because, in between seasons, Osric Chau (who plays Kevin Tran) dislocated Jared Padalecki’s shoulder during a wrestling match.