Question: Who Is The Founder Of Spiritism?

Who is the founder of spiritualism?

History of Modern Spiritualism.

Modern Spiritualism dates from 1848 when the Fox sisters of Hydesville New York produced knocking sounds that were alleged to be spirit messages from a spirit.

Soon after John D.

Fox, his wife, and six children moved into their new home they began to hear mysterious rapping noises.

Where was spiritism founded?

It had its greatest success in France and Brazil, where it was known as spiritism and incorporated the idea of reincarnation. So successful has the movement been in Brazil that the French founder of spiritism, Allan Kardec, has been pictured on Brazilian stamps.

Where is spiritism practiced today?

Spiritism, a branch of spiritualism developed by Allan Kardec and today practiced mostly in Continental Europe and Latin America, especially in Brazil, emphasizes reincarnation.

What is Kardecism?

Noun. Kardecism (uncountable) A type of spiritualism (defined broadly as the belief that the dead communicate with the living, especially through a medium) whose followers believe in Allan Kardec’s Spiritist Codification, a series of five books containing moral and other teachings.