Quick Answer: Who Plays Mary Winchester?

Samantha Smith Supernatural

Who played Mary Winchester in Season 1?

Samantha A. “Sam” Smith

Why did Mary Winchester make a deal with Azazel?

In 1973 Azazel killed both her parents as well as John. Mary made a deal with the demon in order to resurrect John. This involved her granting him access to her home ten years. Six months after Sam’s birth, Azazel visited Sam to feed him demon blood.

What date did Mary Winchester die?

November 2, 1983

Does Sam Winchester still have powers?

Powers and abilities

Sam’s supernatural abilities are the result of him being fed Azazel’s demon blood while he was an infant. Sam has also shown signs of sensing spirits, once displayed telekinesis, and immunity to certain demonic powers.

Why did Azazel kill Jessica?

Azazel orders the assassination of Sam’s girlfriend Jessica Moore, who was a distraction. Her death prompts Sam to return to hunting. Demons cannot be killed by conventional means so the Winchesters track down the Colt—a mystic gun capable of killing anything—in “Dead Man’s Blood”.

What is Crowley’s real name?

Later, Rufus reveals that his Scottish contacts found out that Crowley’s full name was Fergus Roderick MacLeod, and he was born in Canisbay, Scotland in 1661. He also says Crowley had a son named Gavin MacLeod, who left for America after his parents died.