Why Did Zeus Eat His Wife?


Metis was the one who gave Zeus a potion to cause Cronus to vomit out Zeus’ siblings.

In order to forestall these dire consequences, Zeus tricked her into turning herself into a fly and promptly swallowed her.

He was too late: Metis had already conceived a child.

Did Zeus swallowed his wife?

Zeus’ Offspring

Athena – with Metis but as Zeus swallowed his wife in fear a son would usurp his position, Athena was born from Zeus’ head and she became the god’s favourite child. Apollo & Artemis – with Leto. Hermes – with the Nymph Maia.

Who killed Zeus?

His myth is very different. Asclepius is said to have been killed by Zeus as Asclepius had brought back Hippolytus back from the dead in exchange for gold. This angers Hades who asks Zeus to kill him. Zeus kills him with his thunderbolt.

Why did Zeus swallow his kids?

She gave him a stone to swallow instead of the baby. She hid Zeus in a cave and the young god was brought up by a goat. When Zeus was older he asked to become Kronos’ cup-bearer. He put a special potion in his father’s wine that caused Kronos to vomit up his children.

Why did Zeus swallowed Athena?

Birth of Athena. Zeus came to lust after Metis, and chased her in his direct way. Then, with Metis’ guards down, Zeus opened his mouth and swallowed her and her unborn child. This was the end of Metis, but also the beginning of Zeus’ wisdom.

Why did Zeus and Hera get married?

Zeus finally became enamored of the goddess who was to become his permanent wife — Hera. When Hera took pity on the bird and held it to her breast, Zeus resumed his true form and ravished her. Hera then decided to marry him to cover her shame, and the two had a resplendent wedding worthy of the gods.

How many kids did Zeus eat?

five children

Who is Zeus afraid of?

The Greek god Zeus feared nothing because he was the king of the Olympic pantheon and ruled over gods, men and monsters. Before his rise to supreme power, his mother protected him from his father. When Zeusgrew strong enough, he overthrew Cronos and the Titans.

Why did Kratos kill Zeus?

A Spartan warrior, he became the “Ghost of Sparta” after accidentally killing his family due to Ares’ trickery. He later avenges the death of his family and becomes the God of War after killing Ares.

Who killed Kronos?

Later Kronos threw up the children that he ate and then there was a 10 year war against Kronos and the other Titans. The gods eventually won and overthrew the Titans. Zeus then cut up his father Kronos and threw him into Tartarus.